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Combistar FX

Ovens serie for professional catering - Product design


Combistar FX is the professional combined oven line produced by Anelgo Po Grandi cucine SPA. The project includes six models, from 6 to 20 trays, each of them available in gas or electric version. Such a oven in today’s professional kitchens is the most important equipment because, thanks to its multi-functionality, it allows different cooking methods that can be controlled and programmed with extreme precision. The project realisation took 3 years of planning, long tests with 30 chefs and 5 million euros.

Massimo Mussapi’s studio designed all the external structure keeping in mind these objectives: maximum visibility of the inside (camera di cottura?); easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance; robustness; and ergonomics, especially thanks to the revolutionary handle that allows to open the door even with full hands, using the elbow or the tray.

Milos Milosevic designed the computer interface, including the graphics and the navigating system (way more complex than that of a smartphone), maximising visibility, intuitiveness and ease of use also for non-qualified personnel.

Thanks to its innovative features Combistar FX achieved an Honorable Mention at Compasso d'oro.

Honorable Mention ADI Compasso d’Oro 2010

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