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1998 that is today

The following project is from 1998, a project that I still 100% subscribe today. But in the meantime what has changed in the hotel sector?


There are different ways of setting up a breakfast "mise en place", it depends on what services the hotel intends to offer.

I chose the solution that favors the buffet service, with a menu on request based on express preparation, and a tableset with service equipment and basic products on it. A buffet that offer a rich and differentiated proposal, but also sensitive to the growing demand for a healthy and natural diet, sometimes dietetic.

Breakfast should be a chilling and informal time during which we prepare for the day. Here I proposed what I would always like to find on this occasion; a cheerful, bright and comfortable table, without unnecessary pomp.

In fact, I feel the need, the duty and the pleasure of expressing myself with a contemporary language, looking for the authentic needs, and proposing furnishings and objects which not imitate the style, because they have it inside. Hence the choice of the oval table, where all diners can see and talk to each other. Eliminating the tablecloth also means transforming and livening up the perception of the room throughout the day, and last but not least, saving on washing costs.

Porcelain is also called "China", and it is no coincidence; the Far East has developed, perhaps better than us, an "art de la table" with solutions that perfectly fulfill the functional needs of the western table.

Speaking of design, of that culture, the ability to understand the material and the virtuosity mastery of the decoration applied to the reason of a pure and essential form are striking. Speaking of the table, I am interested in the attention for comfort, sociability, courtesy contained in small but important tricks, such as the revolving table center, reinterpreted here, which allows a comfortable and pleasant use of the objects of collective use.

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