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Complements system for contract - Concept e Product design

Capo-famiglia is a project conceived in 1999 and realised in 2001, when 99% of public space accessories were in shiny brassy pseudo-classic-style, with the exception of

Servi collection designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Zanotta, to which

this project’s name pays an affectionate homage.

Capo-famiglia is a project that marked a rapture with the past, and indeed many others got “inspired” afterwards. The “family” includes several floor elements, some of which also have wall/table versions. All floor elements are characterised by the same telescopic base (“Capo-stipite” which means “forefather” in Italian) that allows maximum flexibility of both the single model and the entire system.

The name “FAMIGLIA” refers to a complete and coordinated system; “CAPO” because each object differs in the head (“capo” in Italian), whose function is explained (often playing

on words) by the second part of the name.

Each model’s shape is extremely essential, in order to make immediately clear its function and to avoid any stylistic connotation, so that it can suit every kind of environment and

be long-lasting over time.

Each component is in high-quality aluminium, obtained by a very precise mechanical manufacturing process and subsequently anodised. Superior aesthetic quality aside,

in terms of performance the outcome is:

  • resistant and extremely durable

  • totally fireproof

  • inoxidizable for life

  • anti-vandalism

  • anti-magnetic

  • not electrical conducting

  • easy to assemble and maintain

  • resistant to acids (except caustic soda)

  • stain-resistant and easy to clean


Capo-famiglia is present in important public spaces such as Louvre Museum, Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (PAC) of Milan, Teatro alla Scala Museum and many more.

It won the Contract Design Award, it was selected for ADI INDEX Compasso d’Oro,

and it was selected for the cover of BOX design magazine dedicated to Milan’s Salone

del Mobile in 2003.



ADI Design Index 2003
Compasso d’Oro

Contract Design winner,
International Design Award 2002

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