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Private house in Milan

Architectural project and interior design


Apart from functional and sentimental motivations, the purchase and renovation of a property in my opinion must always have two objectives: immediately its economic revaluation and versatility of use in the future. This applies to any type of property, commercial tertiary, residential. Life brings changes in the way of living, working, selling. Smart working, Amazon, food delivery teach. In a family when the children leave the house suddenly becomes too big.

This property was bought at a very low price because it was in very poor condition. It has been renovated from the foundations to the roof, taking into account its possible future fractionation thanks to several differentiated entrances, installations already prepared to be split, and the easy conversion of the use of the rooms.

In practice, it was designed for a specific customer, but also for all those who might want to buy it in the future.

Today its market value is ten times higher than the purchase price, because the value of an asset grows with the number of people who want it. And in the meantime you enjoy your beautiful home.

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