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Private house in Taipei

Architectural project and interior design - in collaboration with Arch. John Chen


This is a duplex penthouse with the great privilege of having a large terrace on the upper floor, which is very rare in a metropolis like Taipei, and which the owner's talent for gardening has transformed into a very pleasant garden. The flat on the lower floor, however, does not correspond with all this, nor with the owner's sunny disposition: there is no greenery, it is rather dark, and has an irrational layout that makes living confusing and uncomfortable, especially since about 40 square metres of the living area are competitively wasted,

as they are only used as passages.

It took a radical intervention to restore natural light, useful space, greenery, and a cheerful atmosphere during the day and a warm and cosy atmosphere at night. A house designed in every detail on the needs of its owner, to be lived in full joy, alone or with many friends.

All the furnishings, custom-designed and standard, come from Italy.

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