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Lighting system - Concept and product design

On demand, customisable

Luminosa is a system that lights, furnishes and divides spaces. It is available for the desk, the floor, the wall, in a single or multiple version, with different types of LEDs.

The light of the LED strip housed in the uprights is reflected by the spinning vertical stave, and when turned and oriented it menages the light in intensity according to the angle. A simple, beautiful way to manage light.

It is mainly designed for contract, therefore hospitality, corporate, and high end houses, where it's very important to deliver coordinated solutions that can adapt to different needs, but also the opportunity to customize dimensions, configurations, materials and finishes, because every project must be different and unique.

Luminosa won the LET’S DESIGN contest held by Cosentino Italia to promote the Dekton use, a material with incredible performances.

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