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Line of refrigerated display cases for Ho.Re.Ca. - Product design


First of all, Luxor is an example of how success is possible also in crisis time if one has

a strategic vision and acts with conviction and timing.

The project, developed when the company was facing some difficulties, in only one year brought the firm out of the storm and made it achieve leadership in the sector, followed

by several imitation attempts.

Luxor is an innovative line of vertical refrigerated displays conceived for every kind of out-of-home consumption spaces and thought for a diverse range of uses, not only desserts.

Its major strengths are:

- maximum visibility and valorisation of products displayed

- maximum capacity

- maximum flexibility of shelves configuration

- extreme ease of cleaning and maintenance

- reduced consumption

Different versions are available according to temperature (positive, negative, positive/negative) and thermodynamics (static or ventilated).

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