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Concept, architectural project, interior e product design


The restaurant is located inside a building designed by my studio for the Italian ceramics company POWERGRESS, in the 'Ceramic City' district of Foshan, China. The idea, a very interesting one, was to bring the culture of Italian design and food and wine to China,

to offer the most important customers a special welcome.

The real problem, however, was, then as now, to open an Italian restaurant in one of the countries in the world where the culture of cuisine is very different and has modes of service and consumption that contrast with ours. This is in addition to the risks that this activity always entails, particularly when operating abroad, such as that of ending up

totally dependent on the chef.

A restaurant must be designed around its idea of cuisine and service, and for this reason, thanks to the considerable experience accumulated over many years in this sector, we have taken care to design something that, in addition to satisfying our client's expectations and the habits of its guests, is as easy to manage as possible.

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