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Sample apartment

Interior e product design, set design

This is my first interior design project in Asia, small but important, because the client is the largest real estate developer and builder in Taiwan, Prince Housing & Development Corp. And then because it is the design of the sample apartment of a new luxury condominium built by the company in one of the most exclusive areas of Taipei. Hence an assignment of great responsibility, on which the success of the property's sales may depend. This project may seem too classic today, I would certainly do it differently nowadays, but 26 years ago it was very innovative in Taiwan, if only because of the many different colours used for each room, but above all because here I brought an all-Italian spirit and taste: the warm and elegant atmosphere, the great attention to detail, materials, finishes, the love for things well done.

Fortunately for the company, and for me, all this was understood, and it worked.

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