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Washbasin Collection - Concept and product design​

Elle is a washbasin in Krion K-Life Solid Surface with extraordinary performance, including being bactericidal and resistant to acids, solvents and cigarette burns.


It is created specifically for hotel rooms and toilet facilities in public spaces, as it is easy to clean, itensures high hygiene, and itis accessible by disabled even though it doesn’t look like a standard disabled toilet. The idea is simple: taps and fittings (where usually limestone and dirt accumulate) are lifted up in order to create a wide support surface,easy to clean, which also serves as a protection against water splashes. This continuous surface hosts a technical compartment which, in case of renovation, allows the modification of plants without building works. It can be single or multiple, of any length. It can be equipped with a dresser and special accessories such as micro loud speakers.

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