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Ristorante Frantoi Celletti

Restaurant, workshop, oil school, historical museum - Concept, interior e graphic design


This project is the realisation of what I mean when I talk about restaurants as possible ambassadors and promoters of a specific territory or a specific food or wine product, in this case high-quality Italian olive oil. I conducted design experiments on this subject for three years as a teacher at the IED, European Institute of Design, and brought this topic to trade fair and conference events.

Frantoi Celltti & Cultivar is not just a restaurant, it is the exciting tale of a product that is a world, a protagonist for thousands of years not only of the table but of religions, cosmetics, medicine.

It is the fascinating tale of over 700 Italian cultivars and their territories, of how olive trees are cultivated, of how quality oil is produced, of the different organoleptic and taste properties. It is a school of oil tasting, a nice shop, an oil-bar, a menu of the right pairings with food, a themed photographic art.

It is a full immersion from which you return with more expertise and a new awareness, which from now on will lead you to ask only for quality oil, possibly Italian. It is a business for the restaurant and, if taken to a larger scale, for the economy of the entire sector.

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