For this project, one of my first works in Taiwan, I was searching for “inspiration” looking around. One of the things that most strikes who visits this place for the first time is how all buildings, both old and new, inexorably end up wrapped by any sort of grid on windows and balconies. The reason cannot be defence against thieves (grids go up to the 20th floor and doors have ridiculous locks that can be easily opened with a spoon), and it is also very dangerous in case of fire. Thus, there must be an irrational and more powerful reason behind this, and I believe it lies in the fact that Chinese hardly bear a too direct contact between the private and the public sphere. Consequently, there is a tendency to put a filter between the two spheres, a sort of see-through/not-see-through mechanism. Therefore, in order to please them and avoid that my building would eventually end up wrapped, I designed it with a grid from the beginning. They liked it very much because - they say - it is “Hi-Tech”. Actually, it has no special technological system, but it does respect their sensitivity, and this is enough.


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