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Hi cafè Mondadori

Cafe restaurant - Interior design


I have already written somewhere that the word 'contamination', so fashionable when it comes to HO.RE.CA., horrifies me; I prefer 'transfusion' if we really have to use medical vocabulary. And I have also written somewhere else that to sell books you don't need cappuccinos and brioches but good publishers, so basically I am against bookshops with bars inside, so fashionable. They are not compatible activities, they do not motivate or benefit each other, those in this profession know this very well, it is just a big mess for everyone, bartenders and booksellers.

Unless, as in this case, the two are well separated, and then maybe it can work. However, the only real, important and innovative solution in this project is the bar counter, not so much for its pleasing monolithic effect, but for its special layout that hides from the customer's view those parts that are usually invevitably dirty and/or messy, such as the hopper and the beater of the coffee machine.

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