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Hotel Up

Staging Expo Tour Host Fiera Milano - Concept, interior,
set design

It was the biggest exhibition ever created inside the Expo, which in Italy is the main international exhibition for the hotel sector. In fact, an hotel with an area of 1500 square meters has been reproduced in real life, with a garden of over 1000 plants  and with the participation of 70 leading companies in the sector and thousands of visitors from all over the world.


“What I want to propose is a new concept of hospitality; the hotel as an open, living organism integrated with the human and natural environment. "


Clear separation between residential and collective areas, also open to external customers; integration with the natural environment and with the cultural values of the territory; attention to the needs of staff, families with children and dogs. Each area has been completely rethought. The project is applicable to holiday and city hotels, sporting clubs and tourist villages.

Hotel Project, Expo tour, Fiera di Milano, Milano 10 - 14 novembre 1995
HotelProject Pad. 7/a

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