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Hotel Revolution

Staging Host Fiera Milano - Concept, interior and graphic design, set design

Hotel Revolution is an initiative of DA.RI designed by Studio Massimo Mussapi, on the occasion of Host Milano, the international professional hospitality exhibition, in a space of about 300 square meters within the pavilion dedicated to the "Furniture, Technology, Tableware" sector.

Hotel Revolution is a manifesto of positive values ​​where new paradigms of contemporary hospitality are experimented. It is also a magic box, full of surprising ideas and suggestions, of original products - designed or selected by Studio Massimo Mussapi – that identify themselves with the values ​​of this Manifesto of the New Hospitality, and that gain from it even more sense, charm and persuasive force.

Hotel Revolution is also a new way of exhibiting: the products of the many important companies involved have been told individually to bring out their strengths, and above all to explaintheir function andrelated advantages.

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