Explore the mystery of “7”

A full set of in-depth fusion of "Seven" elements, from which to draw aesthetic inspiration, clean lines. 


An original suspension concept design 7mm air sense gap between the surface and the table leg.

Therefore, the overall vision is lighter.

Esthetic & Functional Diversity

The Seven-series uses the most popular material of today—Porcelain Slab as the table surface. The material is beyond the natural ingredients, with fire resistance, stain resistance, and another ultra-strong performance. The table surface is available for direct cooking or handling the food.

More options

Litex is providing more options of surface styles, to satisfy any family or business demand. 

Perfectly adapted to spatial differences.

With two standard sizes of 800x1600x720mm / 900x2000x720m, which are perfectly fit in any house or apartment. According to structural mechanics, starting from the performance requirements, these sizes are designed to meet the comfort of space use.

SEVEN series are an open-source design collaboration series, there are more creative presentations in the future, coming soon.

Designed in Italy

World wide known designer

Massimo Mussapi


As a professional brand of large format porcelain slab, Litex Surface dedicates to design, R&D, production and fabrication. With excellent products and services, Litex Surface focus on providing integrated solutions to clients.


Litex Surface always explore the global market and find customers’ insights, earned reputation all around world. Based on the market data, Litex Surface customized several services in order to satisfy more clients’ demand

With high performances and distinctive formats, Litex Surface brings more possibilities to designers and end users.


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