Line of refrigerated display cases for Ho.Re.Ca.


“One year after LUXOR’s success, SAGI wanted to strengthen its leadership with a new model that would be so much innovative to discourage any imitation attempt by competitors. The idea came suddenly and it was immediately approved: I was screwed! I had no clue about how to realise it. A display with horizontal flap-door opening had never been done before.

We didn’t have much time and I soon realised that at that time it did not exist a mechanism that allowed over 95° opening, while we needed 130°! Moreover, since they were born for the furniture industry, all similar mechanisms were bulky, aesthetically inappropriate for a display, and with limited lifting capacity.

I locked myself in the workshop of a great mechanic master, Valeriano Molteni, until I came out with a solution: a very small invisible device that could be put inside the display structure and that was strong, reliable, and allowed 140° opening! It was still a rough version, but we were on the right track and SAGI did a wonderful job with the engineering process.

This is one of the professional experiences that make me most proud, especially when I think back of the sarcastic smiles of who claimed it was impossible, in particular some big German companies that I consulted and that are global leaders in metalware for the furniture industry.

Advantages of horizontal display are enormous: more capacity, better thermodynamics, possibility of integration with counter furnishing, maximum versatility.

LUXOR DOUBLE SPACE won the prestigious RED DOT DESIGN AWARD: a German prize! …what else? Better than this…”

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