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Funerary monument

An architect should not design monuments

this is an artist matter. This one, however,

is a borderline case, where my being a designer somehow made sense. Dramatically sense.
A beautiful young woman dies suddenly of a dazzling disease. Her husband, an accomplished artist, grief-stricken, asks me to design the family tomb on the ground, for four places side by side: one for his wife, two for her parents, and one for him when his time comes.
I am called upon to establish a difficult prioritisation of relationships in allocating the places. I consider the deepest, most visceral one to be the mother-daughter relationship, and I physically connect their plates with an arch. I place husbands on either side of their wives. I use the same black marble for all the slabs, those of the males are bush-hammered, rough, while those of the females are smooth and polished.
Only later do I realise that a kind of inverted portal emerges: a door leading underground.
This project arouses the same tenderness in me as when I think of the tomb of the Brion couple, designed by carpa, where undying conjugal love is capable of bending even

hard stone. But it is not the same thing as losing a daughter.....

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