The  innovative furnishing system designed by Studio Massimo Mussapi and produced, distributed by Zanini Arredo Hotel conceived to meet hotel management requirements and guests’ expectations of comfort. It offers all advantages of industrial production such as reliability, performance and price, as well as a large range of customization opportunities. The furnishing system meaning total accessibility and usability of space, equipment and installation interfaces. Abolition of physical and cultural barriers, easy and intuitive familiarisation with the room, which is an unknown environment for first time guests.

The wardrobe is made of open modules that are combinable and adjustable to every environment. It features folding shelves that guests can arrange according to their needs; it does not occupy room space.

In the wall panel everything is “Flying”, suspended, from TV to minibar and lights, in order to finally have a large desk, free above and below, where to work or to simply put one’s belongings. A scratch-resistant surface, firmly attached to the panel that protects the wall, integrates LED indirect lightning, and creates a very useful space where all installation cables convey, with no need of conduits in the wall, especially in case of intervention in pre-existing structures.

Among the many innovations of this furniture system designed specifically to meet hotel needs, the most striking are the suspended bedside tables that can slide along the wall system, carrying sockets, switches and light points. In this way the staff can reconfigure the room from twin to double and triple in a few seconds.


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