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3D sign

3D effect signs - Concept, product, graphic design

On demand, customisable


Safety signage is mandatory almost everywhere and, clearly, it cannot be hidden but it must be very visible on walls. Therefore, it is very important to have signs that look good, like “pictures”, but at the same time that respect regulations, which are very strict. It is an extremely hard challenge, and this explains why all firms producing safety signage give up having a good picture and prefer having a good “frame” instead.

I decided to do the opposite: pictograms have a very sophisticated technology reproducing 3D effect,

much more beautiful and effective than normal printing techniques, with an elegant and bright texture. And the frame looks good as well. Everything at the same price.

After 12 years the signage system 3D-SIGN is finally ready for production, but distribution is lacking: proposals are welcome.

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