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Concept, corporate identity interior graphic design e packaging design

Every project of mine is conceived from the beginning with brand identity in mind, but unfortunately companies don't always understand its importance.


The eight-year collaboration of my studio with the company KASANOVA Spa, the main Italian retailer of home and kitchenware, is a perfect example of INTEGRATED BRANDING DESIGN. Over time, my studio has implemented the global BRAND IDENTITY project, from the corporate graphic identity, including the invention of an innovative language, to the design of the packaging system of over 3,000 private label items, to the creation of all the main advertising campaigns.Furthermore, we have designed eight different chain store formats, hundreds of stores in total, with new retail concepts that have set the standard. It is an extraordinary entrepreneurial story that took the company out of obscurity and made it become a well-known brand, the undisputed market leader, with a turnover that during the period of our collaboration went from 94 to 380 million euros. This is what happens when you do real branding design.

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