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Where I come from

At ten years old I built small things with recycled materials, I came home from school and found them destroyed by my younger brother. I quickly began to understand how hard it is to be a designer. At 16, my first "studio": in that closed provincial city, those two rented rooms are my boundless space, where my great escape matures. Which reaches the age of 20: I land in Milan, and discover the New World.
Here I attend two universities at the same time, I graduate in design at the IED and in Architecture at the Polytechnic. The IED gave me a magic wand to tackle any type of project. Then the first job with an architect who taught me real work. Forever grateful to both of you. Milan is truly the world center of design, I couldn't help but settle here. At the age of 40 I landed in Taipei for work and discovered Asia. It was love straight away and I haven't stopped working on it since then: Taiwan, China, and now Vietnam. A formidable human and professional experience.


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