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Us and them


To work in China I had to understand the Chinese, and it was above all a circumstance that happened to me in Shenzhen (truly incredible, which deserves a detailed story) that forced me to get inside their headsand look through their eye sockets. From there I saw how they see us, and in trying to understand them, I also understood more about us. It is not philosophy, it is pure necessity. It is one thing to move in a protected context, for example on behalf of a multinational company, it is another to do it alone: you have to understand, and quickly.

This new attitude of looking from the other's point of view has now become a practice for me, and for my work it is the most valuable lesson I have received from my experience in the Far East: understand before you act, after all a simple secret.  And every now and then it ends up, albeit as a side effect, also making me more empathetic humanly.

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